Who are we? 


Kitsuwave is a two-person team and currently a small business located in Toronto, Canada! One of us is a graphic designer/ illustrator while the other is a photographer and tech wizard. We grew up reading manga and watching anime and it's a core part of our childhood. We also have a deep appreciation for art and can’t help but fangirl and fanboy over serious creativity.



 Our Purpose
& What we do 


Delivering high-quality products while supporting the artists we work with is our main purpose with Kitsuwave. It’s a platform where artists can sell their work and not worry about the technicalities that go into producing products, running a store and shipping out orders. We provide all the tools, knowledge, and resources that they need to create a viable and sustainable income. 

Aside from selling the works of artists, we will be launching our own designed products under the Kitsuwave brand. Whether they’re original ideas of our own or inspired fanart of our favourite characters, new products will be released periodically throughout the year.

If you’d like to see products featuring your favourite characters or you’re an artist looking to work with us, please contact us at: contact@kitsuwave.com.

We want to thank you for taking the time to be a part of our journey and for supporting artists by purchasing their work. We look forward to showing you all the new developments that Kitsuwave has to offer.