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I’m Sesamefruit and I like to draw dank dudes doing dumb deeds. 

It all began when my older brother drew a dinosaur. I was two years old and wanted everything to do with drawing so I kept bothering him until he finally taught me. Later on, art became a way to escape my problems and create stories of people living wholesome lives. Over time, it turned into a fascination of creating characters of different personalities, going through the "what ifs” of life.


I’m currently working on a slice of life comic titled Acres Village. Within this universe, there are four boys with the names: Jesse, Ilya, Leon and Reegan. I’ve labeled them as Noodle bois because of their common obsession with noodles. With this comic, I hope to create a fun and emotional story that encompasses the lives of different individuals. My goal is to create a range of comics, short and long. In a sense, they’ll be Like a time capsule of my mental state, but as peculiar characters.
In conclusion, help.